Powerful transparency beyond the PDF


The Visualize functionality in Worldfavor allows you to visualize your organization’s sustainability and compliance efforts in a dynamic, interactive and compelling way, beyond the PDF-reports or plain website text. We use the latest technology to provide the market leading visualization tools for sustainability and compliance data.


Sustainability Room

Sustainability Room visualizes your information through a fully customizable, digital and interactive profile hosted on This is a generic and interactive go-to forum for exploring your sustainability efforts. It can be customized for different target groups and can be publicly accessible or reached through controlled access.

Fully interactive go-to-forum

Publicly accessible or controlled

Customize for different target groups


Website Widgets

Website Widgets allows you to mirror information from your Worldfavor account directly to your own company website or intranet. Like Sustainability Room, it offers a dynamic, interactive and real-time view of your sustainability performance and efforts, easily controlled from your Worldfavor account. Visualize important KPI:s in a dynamic Scorecard, up-to-date actions in an Activity Feed. or your work status related to a framework of your choice.


Activity feed

Framework Status

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Key Benefits

Dynamic & up-to-date

Interactive, beautiful layout and charts

Customizable for different target groups

Conveniently managed from your account

International frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative, Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals


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