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Worldfavor connects organizations around the world to exchange sustainability information and excel in sustainability performance. Nearly 4 000 organizations have chosen to manage and exchange sustainability data through Worldfavor, including global supply chains spanning over several continents. Our user-friendly digital platform is made for the 21st century. It helps businesses avoid manual spreadsheets and cumbersome legacy software – simply because we want you to focus your time and resources on your impact strategy.


We put user-friendliness and non-complexity over everything. Getting started with Worldfavor is simple and fast, even if our product solves complex needs. How? We’re market leaders in using the latest technology available.


No matter where you are on your journey, Worldfavor is a platform to grow in as your sustainability practice evolves. As a service in the cloud, we never compromise on scalability and security. Our hosting partner is Microsoft and we manage information security in accordance with ISO 27001.

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