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The Global Sustainability Platform

Worldfavor accelerates sustainability by offering a global platform for sharing corporate sustainability information. We connect organizations around the world to exchange sustainability information and excel in sustainability performance. Nearly 4 000 organizations have chosen to exchange sustainability data through Worldfavor, including supply chains over several continents.


We help businesses avoid manual spreadsheets and cumbersome legacy software – simply because we want you to focus your time and resources on your impact strategy.


We have a strong focus on user-friendliness and non-complexity in getting started with Worldfavor. We offer a plarform to grow in as your sustainability practice advances, no matter where you are on your journey when you join. We never compromise on scalability and security.

Our vision is being the global information hub for sustainable decisions – building on the simplified exchange of sustainability information. Enabling all parties to exchange data in the same platform gives transparency and efficient sustainability reporting.


Worldfavor is a Swedish software company founded in 2010 with head offices in Stockholm, delivering a best practice SaaS platform for Sustainability reporting and management to users globally. We manage information security in accordance with ISO 27001.



PwC is a leading provider of auditing, accounting, tax consulting, business development, corporate finance and other audit-related advisory services, including sustainable business development and sustainability reporting.


Swedish Standards Institute

SIS is in charge of and coordinates standardisation in Sweden. SIS is a member of the European standardisation organisation CEN and the global organisation ISO, as a representative of Sweden.

The Story

Worldfavor’s founders have dedicated the past decade to understanding and developing innovative digital solutions for a growing need – the exchange of sustainability data between companies and their stakeholders. One major aspect in this area of innovation is that sustainability data as such undergoes change over time, and varies greatly between organizations. Simultaneously, efforts on standardizing sustainability reporting are made on a global scale. Worldfavor meets both of these needs, by digitizing reporting guidelines, and at the same time allowing organizations to assess stakeholders according to own guidelines. The platform offers an advanced cross-referencing system between overlapping or related guidelines and standards.

The company’s international team consists of entrepreneurs, sustainable business and sustainability reporting specialists, system architects, user experience experts and business leaders. During the early years, the company was backed by government agencies and incubators such as Vinnova, Almi and STING. Worldfavor has been awarded several grants and prizes, such as the European award SpeedUp Europe/Most innovative tech company among 200 participants. Today, Worldfavor is a privately owned company backed by renowned investors, helping a growing number of companies report and excel in sustainability.



Andreas Liljendahl

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas is a co-founder of Worldfavor and serial entrepreneur and business leader. He has a background in IT- management and from developing technical architecture related to sustainability standards . His academic background is in Management, Business and Leadership.


Frida Emilsson

Chief Operating Officer

Frida i a co-founder of Worlfavor and operates as COO and Chairman of the Board. She has a background in Sustainable and Impact Business and has helped companies and organizations globally to maximize their financial, environmental and social impact. Her academic background is in International Business and Marketing as well as Sustainable Development.


Kaisa Kuitunen

Head of Business Development

Kaisa is a senior expert in Business Development with long experience in the field of Digital Transformation, Software as a Service and Enterprise IT Solutions, from large multinational companies such as CGI, Oracle and Quinyx. Her academic background is in International Business.


Pär Gustafsson

Chief Technology Officer

Pär is a senior software developer and system architect and operates as CTO, managing the quality, functionality and technical scalability of Worldfavor’s technology. He is an expert in data relations architecture and educated in full-stack software development.